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The Republic of Uzbekistan of is one of the two double landlocked countries in the World. In old times, this area was called Mawara'unnahr in old Uzbek language, which means "a land between two rivers". Uzbekistan is surrounded by mountains and deserts from all sides. Ancient and unique cities like Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva once were located at the heart of The Great Silk Road, linking the East to the West. This country was the place where civilizations meet.

Upon arrival to the capital city - Tashkent and after quick customs clearing, travellers find themselves in one of the most ancient, but at the same time, modern cities. Hospitality of the travel assistants from UzbekTraveler helps to vanish the hardships of the journey into air. And then, after a pleasant stay in our hotels in Tashkent, gasping for air at first sight of Registan in Samarkand, walking through the moonlit alleys of mystical Khiva, and witnessing the fate of a dozen layers of civilization underfoot at Termez and Afrasiab, bargaining in traditional style markets, the travellers are reminded that in the past this place was not the end of the world, but rather the center of it.

Both ancient and modern cities and buildings, people and their hospitality, delicious cuisine, beautiful nature, pleasant climate, spectacular culture and art, unique customs, magnificent festivals and holidays, beautiful traditional dresses are only a few of the amazing things that you will find in Uzbekistan.

If you are thinking of travelling to Uzbekistan and looking for some assistance, check the links to find out more about us and we can help your travel. Our services include all travel services from A to Z. We will be glad to assist you and make your travel to Uzbekistan the most memorable of all. Be an UzbekTraveler!