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You can buy almost all types of medicine in Uzbekistan: Aspirin/Paracetamol/Tylenol, diarrhea pills, rehydration powders, iodine tablets, antiseptic cream/wipes, antihistamine, dressing pads, bandage, plasters, cotton wool, tweezers, scissors, thermometer. To guarantee sterility, consider a pack of disposable syringes. Mosquito nets, insect repellent and sting relief are welcome in summer.

Name Drug/Optics Phone, fax Address
1 JURABEK Drug store 45-6040, fax.120-7400 Tashkent, Str. Almazar, 145
2 Safilo Optics 137-2810 Tashkent, Kh. Olimjon, west side of city business center
3 Bliss Optics 64-8740 Metro Buyuk Ipak yuli, Str. Dagestanskaya, 68
4 NOVOPHARMA Drugs producer 134-8777, fax.134-8777 Tashkent, Str. Mavlyanova, 37
5 LA PERLA Optics 138-7378, 132-0159 Tashkent, Str. Kh. Olimjon, west side of city business center
6 AMERICAN OPTICAL Optics 152-3585, fax.152-1427 Tashkent, Str. Nukusskaya, 20A
7 ACTOEL OPTIC Optics 132-1160, fax.132-1213 Tashkent, Str. Pushkin, 6
8 MDS Service Optics, Drugs 080, 169-7085, fax.169-7084 Tashkent, Str. Botkina, 110