Specialty Tours to Uzbekistan

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Uzbekistan is the multinational country with rich cultural and spiritual heritage. There are many skilled craftsmen and talented artists. Having good potential we are pleased to offer you our specialty tours combined with the standard ones to meet your interests and preferences.

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Here are some topics on which our tours may be based on:

  • Handcraft. Here you will have a chance to learn about pottery, gold embroidery, metal-chasing, wood carving, carpet-weaving and many other crafts. You will visit different workshops from small studios to big factories, where you may try yourself in it and exchange the experience with local masters.
  • Religion and Education. This tour will include visits to the Islam Institute and Secular Islam University, active Madrassahs and Mosques where you meet students, teachers, professors and imams. Besides you will know about our system of Education, visit local ordinary school, colleges, Institutes and Universities.
  • Folklore. Here your program will be enriched with different concerts and dancing shows where the actors are of different ages from 5 to 25.
  • Uzbek cuisine. If you are great gourmand and love to cook Uzbekistan is the right place to visit because in Uzbek cuisine there more than 1000 dishes. You will learn how to cook our traditional meal “pilav” whose recipe varies from region to region, you will try to bake our traditional round bread “non” and get a lot of recipes of our rich cuisine.
  • Extreme sport. You may try yourself in different extreme sports such as trekking, rafting, diving, paragliding. On top of this you may have good time playing golf with your friends.
  • Cattle-farming and agriculture. Historically Uzbek people conducted a sedentary way of life and were in agriculture and cattle farming. Still Uzbekistan is considered a major player in agriculture in Central Asia. On this tour you will visit different farms, meet with local agrarians and besides if you come in May-June you will see the process of feeding the silk-worms which afterwards give the silk thread.
  • Ethnic groups. There are more than 120 peoples and nations living in Uzbekistan who have being kept their traditions and customs. Here you will visit Jewish community with their synagogues, schools, Arab and Iranian villages and get to know the culture and traditions of many other nationalities.

You can use our suggested programs as they stand or design and create your own itinerary due to your wishes and preferences.