Tashkent City Tour

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Tashkent at Night.jpg

The TV Tower

The TV tower can be visited and the view from the rotating restaurant over the entire city provides a unique opportunity to understand the capital’s layout. On a clear day, the Western Tien Shan mountains provide a stunning backdrop.

Oliy Majlis and Medrese Abulqosim Shoshiy

The parliament building is a sample of New Central Asian architecture and the only building in its vicinity is the Medrese, which today accommodates the masters of Hunnarmand Association. Miniatures, woodcarving, metal works and other crafts are produced and sold on premises and folk dance ensembles entertain the visitors upon advance request.

The Orthodox Churches

There are a number of Orthodox Churches scattered over the city and the main Catholic church holds a mass every Sunday with special services on religious holidays.

Bodomzor complex

Famous landmarks are the InterContinental Hotel, NBU, the prestigious Business Center complete with cafe and catering service and Tashkent Plaza, the exclusive shopping mall.

NBU and IBS.jpg

Aqua Park

A favorite among recreational areas for young and old, just behind the Inter-Continental Hotel and the Japanese Garden.

Aqua Park.jpg


Right by Amir Temur square stands the tall clock tower. On its street level you can walk into the Gallery and boutique Kuranti run by Ustozoda’s masters association, and get an excellent overview over the best art & Crafts found in Uzbekistan today.

The Navoi Opera & Ballet Theatre

A night at the opera can easily be arranged. Tashkent has its own ballet company and the repertoire of the musical ensemble comprises famous European as well as Russian operas and operettes. The audience does still dress up and the ticket prices allow everyone to enjoy a performance.

Alisher Novoi Theatre 2.jpg

Amir Temur Museum

Another sample of New Central architecture, the crown of Amir Temur served asa model for this building, which fittingly gives an overview over the historical Temurid period and beyond.

Amir Timur Museum.jpg

Museum of History

Recently renovated and Uzbekistan’s major museum, displaying on three floors artifacts, archaeological finds. Documents, textiles and much more from pre-history to the beginning of last century. A good introduction to the country or a summary before you fly out again.

Amir Temur Square

Trees, as you will discover, shady trees, play a major role in the life of Tashkent people. As of the first warm days of spring, life shifts outdoors. Under the green-leaved branches surrounding the state of Temur on his heavenly horse, children are at play, elderly gentlemen are bent over their chess boards, lovers are in deep conversation and little ladies sell sunflower seeds and ice-cream.

The Mayors Office

The Mayors office is both majestic and graceful, imposing and timelessly classic.

The Museum of Applied Arts

The delightful Museum of Applied Arts should not be missed. Formerly the residence of Alexander Polovtsev, the Zar’s envoy, who incorporated the finest work of the greatest masters, it today displays samples of traditional Arts & Crafts, both antique and contemporary. The Museum shop makes available high quality handmade embroidery and carpets.


Russian barock is one of the many different architecture styles that make up the charm of Tashkent.


Metro station in Tashkent are artworks in their own right. Splendidly decorated and absolutely spotless, a cool place to escape to from the summer heat.


Tashkent has its very own and it’s bustling with people, day and night, just as in NYC. Shashlik, popcorn and ice-cream vendors line this pedestrian area, bordering the Zerafshan entertainment complex, trinkets are sold from streets and souvenirs towards the Amir Temur Square and the sound of Karaoke prevails.

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