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Recognizing a need for a central source for information and assistance, UzbekTraveler.com started its operation to respond to the growing interest of individual travelers and travel agencies worldwide to the Great Silk Road countries as a new tourism destination. Ancient architecture, friendly people, unique customs, rich history, beautiful nature, delicious food and drinks, and many others attract travelers to Uzbekistan.

Traveling in Uzbekistan is a true adventure filled with fascinating cultural discoveries, witnessing historical heritage and feeling a breathtaking natural beauty. Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shahrisabz, Boysun, Termez, and Tashkent are only a few of the cities that were founded thousand years ago and are still booming with life. Travelers have an opportunity to experience a living history, not just among remains kept in the confines of museums, but also in the silence of the distant past among the sites of ancient settlements, temples and tombs. Tall minarets, grandiose madrassahs and mosques, palaces and mausoleums decorated with incredible ceramic ornaments, noisy and colorful oriental bazaars, exciting legends, warm hospitality and ancient traditions of Uzbeks – these are what you will find in Uzbekistan.

Our team consists of young, talented, and dynamic members who are willing to help travelers to get the best out of their time and money. We utilize latest Internet technologies to promote our services and make all information (data, photos, music, video) available on our web site. Travelers can easily find information that they need or contact us to get a personalized service. Our collaborative platform makes it easy for anyone to share a piece of knowledge, publish testimonials and photos on the web site. Our partners (hotels, transportation companies, and other value-added providers) help us to do our job at the best level and to the best interest for the traveler.

Welcome to Uzbekistan – the heart of Central Asia, the center of the Great Silk Road. Your trip has already started and UzbekTraveler.com will make its best to make you feel safe, comfortable, and enjoy your trip.

Our services include:

  • Visa Support
  • Accommodation support : Hotels, private houses and apartments
  • Tours in Uzbekistan and Central Asia
    • Standard cultural and historical tours
    • Custom tours
    • Host family stays
    • Religious tours: Muslim, Sufi
    • Business and MICE tours
    • Holiday tours
    • Eco tours
    • Sports and extreme tours: hiking, biking, skiing, heli skiing, desert, camel riding, hunting, rafting
    • Medical tours
    • Night life tours