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Nowadays in our country every third child studies at the secondary school or gets trade experience at the high and secondary special schools and trade institutions. Five million children study at school, and more than a million are preparing to be school children at kindergarten level. The education of children and youth is one of the main priorities of the countries government policy. That is why the LAW of Education was adapted in June of l992, which became one of the first laws in our young sovereign state.

The essence of educational reform in Uzbekistan is to preserve the present intellectual potential of the educational system and to modify our goals and activities in order to develop individuals who are capable to build and live in a democratic civil society and a free market economy. These reforms, however, do not only reflect nationalistic aspiration. Since securing independence, the Uzbekistan nation realized its great responsibility as citizens of the international community and as citizens of our planet. Therefore one of our main goals is to educate a healthy generation , both physically and mentally. The main principals of our new educational policy support this endeavor. Our goals are determined as the following: humanistic, democratic methods of teaching and socialization, priority to human values , national and cultural traditions, and the separation of educational institutions from the influence of political parties and social and political movements .