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Golf, highly respected sports in Western Europe and USA and which has become a life style for many of its fans, gains more and more popularity in Uzbekistan. Nowadays, along with great masterpieces of medieval art and picturesque ruins of ancient cities, Uzbekistan can boast of excellent golf fields. In Tashkent, there was constructed a wonderfully organized golf club with first-rate golf fields. It is not surprising therefore, that high-level sport competitions are quite often held here.

Golf club.jpg

Ideal climate, clean air, wonderful views, natural landscapes - hilly lowlands, fields crossed with the tree lines, lakes and vegetation create a good condition for golfing. 108 hectares of land with 18 holes on evergreen lawns, with gently sloping hills and branchy crowns of trees, lakes and waterfalls that serve as natural barriers for the game, all this pertains to "Tashkent Lake Side Golf Club". Here, the golf fields which are 7015 yards long, challenge the proficient golf players, and at the same time enable the beginners to perfect their skills.

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Services available

  • Lobby and reception
  • 18 hole golf course with clubhouse
  • Elegant restaurant
  • Pro-shop
  • Swimming pool
  • Outdoor tennis courts
  • Practice putting green
  • Rest houses
  • Wide-open driving range with 25 hitting mats for warm-up and exercises
  • Caddy and carts
  • Rentals club and shoes are available
  • Locker-room

Special features

  • The 9th hole’s island green creates a dramatic and memorable finish to the first 9 holes
  • A long par 5 course, hole #16, stretches all the way along the longest lakeside to the green
  • Cascading waterfalls on the 14th tee greet the players
  • The clubhouse has a fantastic view of the lakes and mountains from the 2nd floor
  • Lunch or dinner at the Club restaurant
  • Whirlpool bath and steam sauna
  • Lakeside villa

Picturesque lakes surrounding the fields impart peculiar characteristics to each of 18 holes, the only one 18-hole Championship Golf Course in Central Asia, open all-seasons, year-round. Meandering along the lakes and waterfalls, the fields make an atmosphere of an oasis typical for inland plains of Central Asian.

It will take 20 minutes to get to this Rokhat suburban recreation area from the center of the capital. This first-class Golf Club was constructed with the assistance of American company "Golden Star Inc" and was opened for visitors in August, 1998. Playing golf is a real pleasure! Everyone can play it, irrespective of age, sex and physical fitness. This is one of the few sports, which all the family can go in for the whole year round. In Uzbekistan, noted for its warm climate that allows playing outdoor games at any season of the year, one can really play golf all the year round.

About Golf

Golf is an ancient game. It appeared 700 years ago concurrently in several countries, but still Scotland is considered to be a homeland of golf. It was created by shepherds, who whiled away the time by driving the stones into the holes with the help of sticks, whilst flocks of sheep were grazing in the meadows. Subsequently, golf turned into an aristocratic game, like horse racing or sailing. And now it seems to revert to its original status becoming a popular game in all the countries all over the world. It is suffice to say that only in US there are more than 1,500 golf clubs. Golf is a game for real gentlemen. For instance, one of the oldest English golf clubs in the world is called "St.Andrew's Old Royal Golf Club". In olden days, players even used to wear a kind of uniform - plus fours. Nowadays, the golf players are not restricted in their garments, but still some elitist features have preserved.

In golf, there are regulations but there is also golf etiquette, binding for everyone who is keen on golf. Nothing can be done about it. This is the inherent feature of the game. Golf is not like football, where a player may kick both the ball and the other player's legs. In golf within four hours the players have to drive a ball into holes on 18 fields using the least possible number of hits. Age, sex and weight of the player are of no importance. The only difference is that for some people golf is a sport and for others it is just a health-improving pastime.