Happy Summer Camp

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Country Uzbekistan
Tour Happy Summer Camp
Tour route Happy Summer Camp in Charvak
Total Duration 12 days, 11 nights
Transportation Comfortable AC
Season June - August
Group Size 120
Hotel Type English CAMP
Placement room share
Meal Full Board
Single Supplement N/A
Description about camp

Group size (PAX) 1 - 2 3 - 9 10 - 15 16 - 25 26 - 35 over 35
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Price per PAX $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Price per child (extra bed) $350

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Season 1: «Adventures in Neverland»

This journey into the magical world of adventure of the Peter Pan. Here, every child will feel adventurous, go in search of missing treasure. After all, in the Peter Pen’s country, they need to learn many skills and build a wigwam and a very real rope crossing, determine the compass without Campos and be guided by the starry sky. All this our children will learn in this season. This is a fascinating journey in the footsteps of the mysterious life of Peter Pan. We will travel to mysterious way, to the world of wildlife as the fairy-tale is where the magic takes on real power.

Season 2: «Back to the Future»

14 days, the era of improvement. In this journey our children will follow in the footsteps of great men and the winners and will make a grand journey back to the future. It is a dizzying journey around the world where children will feel like a time machine lever. The kids will visit a pioneering role. But as the saying goes "all roads lead to Rome" In our case, to friendship. After all, the friendship could unite all participants in a grand journey through this time.

Season 3: «HAPPY SUMMER pictures presents»

Film production company HAPPY SUMMER pictures presents: A fascinating journey. Rehearsals, lessons and elocution makeup, the art work with a microphone - the guys will learn all this and more, visit the role of the actors. And after all they could expect the scene, floodlights, flowers, applause and well-deserved applause. After all, these all waits the children at the festival of HAPPY SUMMER this season. Where the winner will take place on the famous red carpet alley of Fame and receive the deserved reward for his contribution to cinema.

Season 4: «20,160 minutes of happiness»

This is a time of magic, joy, and realization of all desires. The boys themselves create a world in which to live a dream. Perhaps there is nothing simpler and at the same time more complex than to give happiness to others and to see joyful eyes. But in a fabulous country everything is possible. They will go into a fairyland of magic and sorcery, get acquainted with its inhabitants and teach the main principles, to be honest, kind and responsive. Fairy-tale is a world where the magic takes on real power.


  • Baby Group: 6 to 8 years
  • Average Group: from 9 to 11 years
  • Senior Group: from 12 to 14 years
  • Youth Group: 15 to 17 years


  • 1st season «Adventures in Neverland» – from 11th till 22nd of June 2012
  • 2nd season «Back to the Future» – from 24th of June till 6th July 2012
  • 3rd season «Happy Summer pictures presents» – from 9th till 20th July 2012
  • 4th season «20160 minutes of happiness» – from 23rd July till 3rd August 2012
  • 5th season «Happy Summer’s Birthday» - from 6th till 17th August 2012


Each season of summer vacations of 2012, is unique and interesting. Given the age characteristics of the children, we have tried to compile the program so that it would be interesting to every child regardless of the age. We have tried to predict the desires of children and bring them into the reality.

After all, the game is a natural mechanism for the development, which allows children to act in an imaginary situation, invent a character and through him to try to develop different models of behavior. Thus, many problems in personal development and above all the real behavior can be corrected by the games. Children are sociable, and we try very carefully to reach their hearts and help them learn how beautiful our world is.

The main objectives of the summer camp are the development of emotional intelligence and creative abilities of the child, the development of skills for foreign language in terms of psychological comfort and good mood as well as immersion in the environment of continuous creativity, positive thoughts and emotions.


  • Comfortable rooms with all amenities;
  • Full three hot meals, a variety of menus, permanent fresh fruit and vegetables, lunch and refreshments;
  • Continuous learning of English in communication and in the classroom;
  • Testing the level of language proficiency
  • The provision of manuals and training materials
  • Children are always under the supervision and support of experienced leaders and the attention of the teaching staff;
  • Medical care;
  • Daily sightseeing and entertainment;
  • Sports daily treatments, the development of healthy lifestyles, swimming-pool;
  • Studies in master classes under the guidance counselors and teachers;
  • Photo (total picture of all party members)
  • The use of all the sources in the camp.
  • Transfer of children from the city to the camp with the help of police security;
  • Transfer of children from the camp back to town;


  • 3 small swimming pulls
  • Cinema under open sky
  • Dancing hall


• the original, as well as a copy of a birth certificate or passport for your child • Two photos 3x4 • a certificate from a doctor about the health of your child • Passport of a parent or close relative to the contract