How to Call Home

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International calls

To make international calls or call home from Uzbekistan, dial in this order:

8-10 + followed by your country code + phone number

For example, 8+10+44+34+574+5748.

For international calls to Uzbekistan, dial in this order:

your code to use international line + 998 + city code + local number

For example, 00+998+71+231-2735.

The main post office is near Oloy Bazaar where you can make cheaper international calls. You may also buy cheap international call cards available throughout the city or in Paynet outlets. Major hotels offer the most convenient but expensive connections, while main city post offices provide slower but cheaper services at local rates. Independent business centers are a good alternative, especially for faxes.

Local mobile operators include such big players as the following. Getting a mobile phone for a foreigner requires special procedures. Contact us or each of those operators to get a mobile phone.