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Ancient eastern manuscripts provide us with account of hunting - the pastime of rulers and high-ranking courtiers. Hunting scenes also predominate on murals. In those times, hunting was conducted with borzoi dogs, cheetahs and falcons.

Today our goal is to revive those long-forgotten customs and make them accessible to hunting enthusiasts. Hunting tours are advised to be taken in the majestic mountain gorges of Western Tian Shan (justly compared to Switzerland), in the sands of the Kyzyl Kum, and in other parts of Central Asia. Hunting tourism in Uzbekistan is moderately developed sport.

Hunting is conducted all-round year. The methods of hunting depend on the season of the year, along with the hunter’s wishes. Falconry - the revival of bird hunting, an ancient tradition throughout Central Asia is quite significant. It was during the 7th c. BC that the first falcon nursery was established in China. It was here that these skilled birds wearing special hunting helmets started to serve a man. Central Asian falconry traditions are known for their diversity. Different hawk species are used to hunt different prey such as pheasant, hare, waterfowl, rocky pigeons, etc.

Today, wild birds of prey are protected in Uzbekistan. All kinds of eagles and falcons have been included into the Red Book of Uzbekistan and protected by law.

Tour Title Activity Season Venue
Tour Title Activity Season Venue
Khan hunting with falconry Hunting with Falconry September - February Deserts, Dalverzin, Foothills of Tien Shan (Charvak, Chimgan), Aktash ravine
Tulip safari in Uzbekistan Flower (Tulips) watching April Mountains, Mountains
Voyage to the pristine nature of Uzbekistan Horse Riding, Light Hiking, Bird Watching, Camel Riding April - November Mountains, Mountains
Birdwatching in Uzbekistan: In search of bluebird of happiness Bird Watching April 15 – June 15 Mountains, Mountains
Flower watching in Uzbekistan: Fairyland Journey Flower Watching May 20 – June 10 Mountains, Mountains
Uzbekistan Wildlife Adventures Flower Watching March – November Mountains,Deserts, Mountains
Silk Road Jeep Safari Silk Road Jeep Safari March – October Uzbekistan
Paragliding in Uzbekistan: Mountains and Sky Flights Paragliding in Uzbekistan March – October Mountains, Mountains
Heli Skiing and Heliboarding in Western Tian Shan mountains Heli Skiing and Heliboarding December - March Mountains, Mountains