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The numbers of Internet cafes is continuously growing, allowing travellers to find cheaper rates than hotel business centers, at a slower speed. Several are indicated on city maps, but you can ask your hotel for the nearest location.

The largest internet cafe is the Internet Markazi at the post office, but many exists throughout Tashkent. There are a number of Internet Service Providers, Sarkor Telecom being the biggest one in Tashkent. If you desire high-speed internet, the best option is Evo, Korean ISP. They also offer mobile internet connection, so that within the Wi-Fi coverage, you can access the internet via your laptop. Other ISPs include Uzpak and Globalnet.

Following is a short list of internet cafes close the the city center.

  • Avesta Net - Usman Nasir and Shota Rustavelli crossroad, $1.20/h, 24hr, convenient for the Orzu Hotel guests
  • Cactus Internet - Movarounnakhr street, $1/h, 24hr, located up a small lane opposite the public swimming pool
  • Cuba Internet - Pushkin 7b, $0.8/h, 24hr, next to Gruziya restaurant.
  • Revolt - Ataturk and Matbuotchilar crossroad, $1.2/h, 9am-11 pm, on the 2nd floor of the Zeravshan complex
  • Internet cafe in the basement of the Mir Food Court has a fast connection but is expensive - $1.8/h
  • Samcom - Amir Timur 4, $0.8/h, 9am-11 pm, a few steps south of Ardus Supermarket.

Internet Services in Tashkent are fairly widespread. Web surfing is generally slow during working hours; you'll have better luck in the early morning, late evening or weekends. Internet cafes, usually packed full of kids playing PC games, charge about 500 sum per hour, hotel business centers can be two or three times higher. Most keep late hours and some stay open all night.