Mega Info Tour to Uzbekistan

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In 2011 Uzbekistan plans to launch a number of programs to attract foreign tourists into the country. The Government issued a special decree in February 2011 where it stated that Mega Info Tours are to be organized in partnership with private companies and public tourism bodies. The infotours have been scheduled on 15th to 30th March, 15th to 30th June, 15th to 30th August and 15 to 30th November. It is proposed to invite representatives of foregn tour operators, agents, mass media etc. to promote Uzbekistan as an important travel destination in Central Asia. The participants of such tours will be offered serious discounts for many essential travel services, such as air tickets, visa fees, stay at hotels, meals, tour guides and excursions, and attendance of various events and festivals (see below). The Ministry of Tourism of Uzbekistan (UzbekTurizm) is appointed the focal point to coordinate the whole activity in the country.