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The region of Central Asia due to its climate is unique place for travelling by water both enrigorating white-water rafting in the mountains and gentle sailing on the rivers and lakes in the plains. There is plenty to choose from. As there is an amazing variety and level of difficulty, these rivers offer lots of opportunities for trained sportsmen and amateurs alike. Water trips can be arranged along with other outdoor activities such as pony tracking in the hills or camel tracking in the desert or excursions to historical monuments. The tours offered take place in politically calm regions. You will see the local customs of the mountainous peoples, their kindness, cordiality and hospitality. You will be a welcomed guest as is the ancient custom of the people of Central Asia.

Autumn rafting down the mountain rivers of Chatkal (category of difficulty 4-5) combines excitement with the wild nature of Tien Shan Mountains. Chatkal is called the river of five canyons, and in the third canyon, the river flows between 300 meter high precipitous rocks. The canyons then change for narrow valleys with rich vegetation on their slopes. Many creeks and small rivers flowing down the slopes come into the main river. Short walks in the spectacular mountains between the rafting will quickly restore your strength and give a great deal of pleasure.