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For heliskiing or trekking, windsurfing or simply a lakeside barbecue, head to the Tashkent's resort, the foothills of the western Tian Shan around Chimgan, 80 km northwest of Tashkent. At soviet time, the Russian love of winter sports and the Soviet addiction to sanatoria guaranteed Chimgan's growth.

The center of development is the resort area in picturesque mountain district, with various flora and fauna, with ecologically pure atmosphere and the crystal-clear air, located in territory of national park. Here there are 3 modern resorts "Chimgan", “Charvak” and "Beldirsay".

Places of ridings

For fans of heliski and snowboarding there are weight of pleasures and opportunities to carry out any extreme desires. You can make dizzy rides on a virgin snow from the tops and crests of mountains, and can drive down on gentle slopes. The abundance of mountains guarantees an abundance of opportunities. The slopes of mountains adjoining to natural boundary Chimgan, such as Beldirsay, Pskent, Chatkal, Ugam, Kuramin, Maydantal ridges, completely correspond to professional requirements of mountain skiers for downhill racing, heliski and snowboarding. The maximal extent of descent reaches 10 km, and amplitude up to 2 km.

The road from Tashkent follows the Chirchik river past hydroelectric dams and the modern city of Chirchik, famed for its chemical works. A right fork leads straight to Chimgan, or left to the town of Khodjakent, boasting Bronze Age rock carvings, tea houses and juniper forests. A two-kilometer climb ends at Charvak dam, protected by a statue of Farkhad.

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