Tour to Asrlar Sadosi - Voices of Centuries

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Country Uzbekistan - India
Tour - Voices of Centuries
Tour route Tashkent - Khiva - Bukhara - Samarkand - Tashkent - Amritsar - Delhi - Jaipur - Agra - Delhi - Tashkent
Total Duration 16 days, 15 nights
Transportation Comfortable AC
Season April 27 - May 13
Group Size Any
Hotel Type 4* given as an option
Placement TWN / DBL placement
Meal Full Board
Single Supplement $600
Description Short description

Group size (PAX) 1 - 2 3 - 9 10 - 15 16 - 25 26 - 35 over 35
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Price per PAX $5000 $4000 $3500 $3000 $2500 $2000
Price per child (extra bed) $2000

"Voices of Centuries" (Asrlar Sadosi) Traditional Culture Festival, this year held in the Old Town of Bukhara (Uzbekistan), is a two day festival (April 30 - May 1) where traditional musicians play music, dancers dance, craftsmen and craftswomen present their skills, chef cooks cook their most delicious foods, traditional wrestlers do Kurash (traditional judo), men do a horse game Uloq, designers perform traditional dress Fashion Show, rooster and sheep fights are performed and, of course, where you can try famous Osh - Uzbek pilaf. During the tour, the travelers will tour in ancient cities Tashkent, Samarkand, Shakhrisabz, Bukhara itself, and Khiva. This tour is special, the festival makes it special.

Day 1: Arrival, Highlights of Tashkent (Wednesday, April 27)

" Early arrival in Tashkent (capital of Uzbekistan) " Accommodation in a hotel " Lunch in a restaurant " Excursion around Tashkent. We will start tour from visiting " Museum of Victims of Repression - Memorial to the Victims of Repression in Tashkent " Courage Memorial - among a large number of Tashkent monuments, Courage Memorial deserves special attention. It is dedicated to the events that took place almost 50 years ago and left a deep trace in Tashkent's history. On the granite podium of the monuments stands a black labradorite cube. One of its sides contains the engraved inscription: April 26, 1966. " Alisher Navoi Opera and Ballet Theatre - Alisher Navoi Opera and Ballet Theatre is one of the largest and most unique theatres on the territory of Central and Southeast Asia, built by Japanese prisoners of war in 1947. " Ensemble Khazret Imam (16) - the ensemble was built on the tomb of one of the first Imams of Tashkent, a famous scientist and expert on the Qoran and the Khadis of Khazreti Imam. His full name is Abubekr Mukhamad Kaffal Shashi. " Barrack-Khan Madrassah (16), Tellya-Sheikh Mosque (19), Jami (Juma) Mosque (15-19) - a unique example in Tashkent of a Friday mosque of domestic type built in Central Asia during the era of the late Middle Ages. " Madrassah Kukeldash (16), Chorsu - one of the biggest Friday mosques in Tashkent and the most exiting oriental market in Tashkent " National park, Abdulkasym Madrassah (19) - in the library building, in a special safe, where supported by a certain temperature and humidity, kept the famous Osman's Koran, dating from the 7th century. " Tashkent Metro - one of the most beautiful metro stations in the world, each station resembling a museum " Finish tour with visit to a New TV Tower - it is the biggest tower in Central Asia (375 m) " Dinner in a restaurant of the New TV Tower (200 m) with night view to the City, the view is brilliant. " Overnight in Tashkent

Day 2: Tashkent - Samarkand, capital city of Tamerlane (Thursday, April 28)

" Breakfast in a hotel " Mourning transfer Tashkent - Samarkand (315 km, 4 h) " Accommodation in a hotel " Lunch " Sightseeing program: " Gur Emir - Amir Temur's (Tamerlane) mausoleum, who was the ruler of one of the greatest empires in the history on a mankind " Mausoleum Rukhabad (Abode of the Spirit, 14) - the legend says that under the dome there is a box with seven hairs of Prophet Muhammad SAW " Registan Square - the central masterpiece of Samarkand, the best example of construction and crafts in Central Asia. Every traveller must visit the site and enjoy the sight. It is spectacular, it is magnificent. " Sher Dor madrasah (17) - one of the most prominent madrasahs in Samarkand " Tillya Kari Madrassah (17) - its magnificent interior is swathed in kun-dal style gold leaf, hence the title Tillya Kari, 'gilded'-from Qoranic inscriptions and stalactites above the marble mihrab. " Dinner " Overnight in Samarkand

Day 3: More miracles in Samarkand (Friday, April 29)

Breakfast in a hotel 09:00 continue tour program around Samarkand Ulugbek madrasah, Hazret-Hyzr Mosque (19), Bibi Khanum Mosque (14) - 3 most prominent architectural heritage left from the Renaissance of the 13-14th centuries in Central Asia. Lunch Ulugbek observatory, the architectural complex of Shahi Zinda (The Living King, 14-15) - memorial on the hillside Afrasiab associated with the name Kusama ibn Abbas - the cousin of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Wine tasting at Khovrenko wine factory Dinner Overnight in Samarkand

Day 4: Samarkand - Bukhara, enjoy the festival "Voices of Centuries(Saturday, April 30)

Breakfast in a hotel Morning transfer to Bukhara (365 km, 4-5 h) Arrival to Bukhara and accommodation in a hotel Lunch Visit "Voices of Centuriestraditional cultural festival conducted in the Old Town of Bukhara. The festival will be held in the various parts of the city and this will give a unique opportunity to meet with Uzbek people and enjoy their crafts and skills. (See photo gallery at page 5) Dinner Overnight in Bukhara

Day 5: Bukhara, festival "Voices of Centuriespart 2 (Sunday, May 1)

Breakfast in a hotel Continuation of "Voices of Centuriestraditional cultural festival (See pictures at page 5) Lunch More festival events Dinner Overnight in Bukhara

Day 6: Highlights of Bukhara (Monday, May 2)

Breakfast in a hotel Sightseeing program in Bukhara Summer residence of the Emir Sitorai Mohi-Khosa (19) Ancient burial Chor-Bakr (X) Mausoleum Bahoutdina Naqshbandi (16-19) Mosque Bolo-Hauz (16II) Samanid Mausoleum (IX-X) Chashma Ayub Complex (14) Poi Kalon which includes a Minaret Kalyan (XII) and Madrasa Miri Arab (16) Lunch Ulugbek Madrasah (15) Mosque Magoki Attari (14) Ensemble Labi Hovuz (14-17) consisting of Honako Nodir Divan Begi and Kukeldash Nodir Divan Begi madrassahs Dinner with folklore concert Overnight in Bukhara

Day 7: Khiva - a museum town (Tuesday, May 3)

Breakfast in a hotel Transfer to Khiva through Kizil-Kum desert, along the caravan route (Bus 480 km, 6-8 hours) (Train available upon request) Arrival to Khiva Accommodation at a hotel Lunch Free time for leisure and fairy-tale streets of Khiva Dinner Overnight in Khiva

Day 8: Khiva - Tashkent (Wednesday, May 4)

Breakfast in a hotel City tour Ichan-Qala (12-19) - "internal fortress", forms the internal city of Khiva Kunya-Ark (16-16I) - Khan's castle, the inner citadel of Ichon-Qala Kalta-Minor Minaret - "short minaret", should have become the biggest and highest minaret in Central Asia Madrassah of Muhammad Amin-khan (1845-18) Juma Mosque (10) - has 212 wooden columns and a minaret height 32.5 m Tash-Hauli (19) - "stone courtyard", the palace like a fortress with high battlements, towers and fortified gates Lunch Ak-Mosque (1838-1842) - "White Mosque", a small quarter mosque by the gates of Pahlavan-Darwaza Necropolis of Pahlavan Mahmud (1810-1913) - the cultic center of Ichon-Qala Residence Islam Khoja (1910) - the vizier of the last khan. The ensemble consists of the smallest madrassas and the highest minaret in Khiva. The platform of the minaret at a height of 45 meters is the highest observation point in the panorama of Khiva. Dinner Evening flight Urgench - Tashkent Overnight in Tashkent

Day 9: Tashkent - Home (Thursday, May 5)

Arrive at Tashkent International Airport for morning departure from Tashkent back Home. Or, optional extension to India tour.

Day 9: Tashkent - India Flight (Optional) (Thursday, May 5)

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, rest in a hotel for midnight plain to India Tour around Tashkent and visit museums Departure to Delhi, India by international flight HY421 at 22:55 At 02:20 (May 6, Friday) arrival to Delhi International Airport, India

Day 10: Tashkent - India (Optional) (Friday, May 6)

Breakfast, lunch, dinner City excursion including visit sightseeing tour of Old Delhi which includes a visit to Jama Masjid (1656) - one of the largest mosques in India Raj Ghat - cremation site of Mahatma Gandhi Drive past Chandni Chowk - one of the oldest and busiest markets in central north Delhi Red Fort - constructed by the Emperor Shah Jahan in 1639, the residence of the royal family - the epicenter of Old Delhi Overnight in the capital of Incredible India

Day 11: Delhi - Jaipur (Saturday, May 7)

Breakfast, lunch, dinner You will spend the day discovering the vibrant city of Old & Delhi. Enjoy a morning sightseeing tour of Delhi includes a visit to Qutab Minar (1199) - the world's tallest brick minaret, built by Qutub-ud-Din Aibak Humayun's Tomb (1570) - the first example of this type of Mughal architecture in India Gurdwara Bangla Sahib - Sikh house of worship India Gate - War Memorial Arch Drive past President's House, Parliament House and other Government Secretariat Buildings Afternoon, embark a leisurely drive to Jaipur (258 km, 6 hrs) Overnight in the capital of Rajasthan state.

Day 12: Jaipur - a pink city (Sunday, May 8)

Breakfast, lunch, dinner Visit the Amber Fort (16) - the ancient citadel of the ruling Kachhawa clan of Amber, before the capital was shifted to present day Jaipur. An elephant ride will help you ascend to this hilltop fort (elephants are subject to availability). Alternatively, you could choose to walk or drive up to the fort. Visit the City Palace complex (18) with its museums and Jantar Mantar, the ancient astronomical observatory In the evening, visit the Hawa Mahal (Palace of the Winds, 1799). This palace with its innumerable windows and screened balconies was especially built for the royal women to view the city and processions from behind their purdahs. Overnight in the "Pink City"

Day 13: Jaipur - Agra (Monday, May 9)

Breakfast, lunch, dinner Embark on a leisurely drive to Agra (235 km, 5.5 hrs) En route, visit Fatehpur Sikri - the Ghost City 35 km from Agra. Fatehpur Sikri built in red sandstone in honour of Saint Salim Chisti, who foretold the birth of 3 sons to Emperor Akbar, is an example of robust stability combined with originality. Each important edifice here represents a type in itself. In the evening, experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the eternal symbol of love and witness the sunset view of Taj Mahal (1653). This masterpiece in marble on a sandstone base is the jewel of Muslim art in India and one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world's heritage. It was built by Shah Jahan, the ruler of the Mughal Empire in the Indian subcontinent from 1628 until 1658. The name Shah Jahan comes from Persian meaning "King of the World". He was the fifth Mughal ruler after Babur, Humayun, Akbar, and Jahangir as a symbol of love for his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Often referred to as a "Poem in White Marble", Taj Mahal is a fine example of fusion of many architectural styles. Overnight in the capital of the Mughal emperors

Day 14: Agra - Delhi (Tuesday, May 10)

Breakfast, lunch, dinner Enjoy a visit to the Red Fort of Agra, also known as Lal Qila and Fort Rouge, which is built in red sandstone and has magnificent palaces, halls of public and private audience and beautiful gardens. It is the most important fort in India. The great Mughals Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jehangir, Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb lived here, and the country was governed from there. Here Emperor Shahjahan was kept under house arrest by his third son Aurangzeb and spent the last year of his life viewing the Taj Mahal from the little octagonal tower in the Fort. Later embark on a leisurely drive to Delhi en route visiting Sikandra, the tomb of Emperor Akbar the Great (the grandson of Babur) - an important architectural masterpiece set in 48 ha. of grounds in a suburb of Agra. Upon arrival in Delhi, check in to hotel.

Day 15: Delhi - Amritsar (Wednesday, May 11)

Breakfast, lunch, dinner Transfer from Delhi to Amritsar Golden Temple (16) - also known as Harmandar Sahib or Swarna Mandir, which is the most important pilgrimage place for Sikhs in India Jalianwala Bagh, Ranjeet Singh museums and other famous temples along with shopping at local market of the city In the late afternoon enjoy the retreat ceremony at India-Pakistan border called Wagah Border Overnight in "The Ocean of the Nectar of Immortality", the origin of Amritsar's name.

Day 16: Amritsar - Tashkent (Thursday, May 12)

At 00:05 transfer to Indira Amritsar International Airport Departure from Amritsar by international flight HY-444 at 01:35 to Tashkent Mourning arrival to Tashkent Accommodation in a hotel Breakfast Option: rest after a long flight or city tour around Tashkent Chorsu - oriental bazaar National park Abdulkasim Madrasah (19) - which now is the centre for traditional arts with attractive souvenirs made by local craftsmen. Departure to Tashkent International Airport to fly onward to Home.

Program includes: Uzbekistan

  • All lunches and dinners according to the program
  • Professional guides (available in different languages) will try to give you the best explanation of the site's history, traditions and culture
  • Tour operator and Group Leader will make you feel comfortable and assist you in case of problem 24/7
  • Folklore concert Nodir Devan Begi in Bukhara
  • Wine degustation in Samarkand
  • Entrance fees and airplane tickets Urgench - Tashkent
  • Escort guide during the trip in Uzbekistan

Program includes: India

  • 06 Nights accommodation on twin sharing basis as above mentioned hotels or similar. ( Above cost for 3-5-7-9 on triple sharing accommodation basis.
  • Daily Breakfast, lunch and dinner at hotel. (or local restaurant during the sightseeing)
  • Accompanying Russian Speaking Guide for the tour
  • Russian Speaking Representative assistance for arrival and departure at Delhi International Airport
  • Russian Speaking Tour Manager at Head Office contactable 24 Hours
  • Train ticket from - Delhi - Amritsar by Ac Chair Car
  • Chauffeured air-conditioned vehicles for all transfers and sightseeing tours
  • All currently applicable taxes

Program excludes: India

  • Expenses of personal nature like laundry, telephone, fax, internet, beverages, camera / video camera fee at monuments, medical expenses, airport departure tax etc.
  • Rides and Monument Entrance fees quoted as supplement (includes elephant ride at Amber Fort, Jaipur)
  • Local payments in domestic currency, such as tips and gratuities
  • Domestic / International air fare
  • Indian Visa Fees
  • Any other services not mentioned in Price Inclusions above
  • Plain tickets (Tashkent - Delhi, Amritsar - Tashkent) US$ 715

Important notes

Prices in the rate grid starting from 1 pax up to 9 pax do not include Single supplement. Vegetarian cuisine is not widely spread in Uzbekistan, but restaurants can offer some vegetarian meals. Tour cost is subject to change, factoring increase in airline fare, timing, peak periods surcharges etc. Group rates (10 and more pax) are offered upon request. Similar standard hotels will be provided if in case mentioned hotels are not available at the time of reservation. The above prices include 10% of agent commission. Upon request India part can be excluded or changed to Turkey or other Asian countries


In addition, our program may include special arrangements such as:

  • Similar standard hotels will be provided if in case mentioned hotels are not available at the time of reservation or does not suit travelers
  • Lunches or dinners in private homes of Uzbek families to get closer to the traditions, culture and way of life of local people, to see the process of baking the traditional round bread and cooking tasty osh (pilaf)
  • Different dance shows and entertainment varying from region to region in traditional costumes
  • Special tours to different studios and workshops where You can see various traditional crafts in real.

You can use our suggested programs as they stand or create Your own itinerary according to Your wishes and preferences. We will be happy to assist you in this task.


All hotels are located close to main sightseeing places. After a long and tiring day of walking, you can relax and spend the night pleasantly in those hotels.

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Malika Classic
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Asia Bukhara
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