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Hottest temperature 45°C
Coldest temperature -15°C
Season duration Spring - 3 months, Summer - 3 months, Autumn - 3 months, Winter - 3 months
Climate Continental

Uzbekistan is a country of 4 seasons. Most travellers arrive in early spring, late summer and autumn. The country is aptly termed 'the sunny republic', as every year brings over 300 days of sunshine and under 300 mm of rainfall. Sharply continental climate because of desert and mountain isolation from the sea comes with two 40-day chilla – the most hottest and coldest periods of the year. Summer chilla is from 25 June to 5 August and winter chilla is from 25 December to 5 February. During summer chilla temperature is above 35°C, and during winter chilla temperature may fall to -15°C, but most cities stay above -5°C.


Travel is most pleasant from the brief spring that dusts the desert with floral color until early June and from September to early November, when tree-lined streets shine in autumnal glory. Yet, the burning heat of summer is offset by low humidity, relatively cool evenings and bazaar stalls crowded with fresh fruit, and winter too is dry and sunny. Samarkand's fabled domes sparkle white only briefly. Khorezm is painfully cold and often windy after the beginning of November and Termez bakes on the Oxus from June to September. Mountain areas are refreshingly cool in summer, freezing cold and snowy in winter.